Travel With Safety Amid The COVID

The COVID-19 has halted life to a great extent. But after a period of long wait travellers are resuming their travel and airports are prepared to welcome the travellers. Many airports across the world have resumed their services with precautionary measures for the safety of the passengers. Temperature check, use of masks and proper sanitization are done at every level on the airport.

To create a ‘new normal’ travel is being resumed with COVID-19 travel guidance issued by airports and airlines globally. So if you are tired of being at home and thinking to make a short excursion than plan it well and follow all the safety measures and guideline issued in the public interest. Here, also we are sharing some thoughts that you should remember for making your travel safe amid this COVID-19 period.

Travel safe

Pre Plan Your Travel

After this phase of pandemic, people want to avoid public transport or a crowded mode of transport.  So cab availability might be a troublesome as many are looking for a ride to avoid the crowd of public transport. To avoid the last-minute hassle or high charges due to cabs more in demand pre-book your cab to the airport. Also, you can ask a friend or family to drop you off at the airport so that you can arrive safely at the airport. And similarly plan cab or mode of transport in the advance at your arrival destination so that you can have an enjoyable excursion. Also, you can opt for airport assistance or limo service by First Class Greetings. So Keep the calm, plan in advance & enjoy your journey.

Choose the right flight

Generally, people think of the trip and get a head start by booking their flights for the destination. But on peak hours or weekends flights are more crowded and which will land you up in a long queue before boarding the flight. And longer the queue more the exposure to the people. So to avoid the long queue or the crowd over the ticket counter or on the luggage belts. Choose your flight for odd hours and if possible on some working day which gives a chance of less crowd for the flights and the long queues.

Pack The Right

While packing of your bags keeps the right attire for you according to your destination. And along with the clothes don’t forget to carry the necessary things for your safety like the hand sanitizer, mask and other necessary things. Keep the extra pair of gloves and mask with you.

Covid travel

Make a first aid kit your travel partner:

While on your travel you don’t fall short of your necessary medicine get a stock that is much necessary for you. Keep swathes, clean creams and disinfectant scour with you. If, you experience any cuts or get an injury during the flight, connect with the assistant in the flight emergency treatment unit. Also, keep the proper sanitizer and necessary medications that you need.

With some relaxations in travelling by some countries, travellers are resuming back to the normal and starting their travel with necessary precautions and measures. If you are also planning to visit someplace you can check for the guidelines before making your final tour plan and follow all the necessary guidelines issued by the government of the countries. Also if you feel sick or unwell contact the authorities for the immediate help.

And also while on your travel you can choose meet and greet services or limo service offered by First Class Greeting. Our greeter and staff are taking all the necessary measures and follow all the safety guidelines issued by the authorities for both our and your safety. Our greeters will assist you with all the necessary things.

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